Star Certified Instructor Program

The Star Certified Instructor Program (SCIP) is a program that we are introducing that will ensure our customers of excellent service. These badges are highlighted on your instructors profile as a badge of honor and assuredness that they are fully certified and capable of adhering to the company's high standards.


There are three (3) levels to the Star Certified Instructor Program:


Gold Star 

Level One: All newly hired instructors begin at this level.

  • Criminal & Educational Background check completed
  • New Hire Orientation completed
  • Passed Level One Certified Knowledge Exam


Platinum Star

Level Two: This level highlights more longevity with the company.

  • Met ALL of the requirements of level one.
  • Has actively been teaching with SMS Music Lessons for over a year; and or have completed 40+ active hours of teaching with the company.
  • Completed and Passed level two Certified Knowledge Exam.


Diamond Star 

Level Three: Highly experienced within the company and our veteran Instructors.

  • Completed both level one & two.
  • Have built a strong Student-Teacher rapport, as well as been with the company for a minimum of a year.
  • Completed a minimum of 100 active teaching hours.
  • Completed a One-on-One training program with the Instructor Manager as well as passed the diamond certified level exam.

SMS Music Lessons

If you're not completely satisfied with your first lesson, we will find you a new instructor and take care of your first lessons.

Trial lesson offer only valid for new customers. Limit 1 per customer, per instrument. Customers that purchase an invalid lesson will be charged the full price of the subscription.