Hey there!

I'm Allison

I am your Piano & Woodwinds Instructor  

I am here to assist you on your musical journey!

Try a 50% OFF trial lessons with me for only $12.50! 


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Hey there! I'm Allison

I am your Piano & Woodwinds InstructorI am here to assist you on your musical journey! 

Try a 50% OFF trial lesson with me for only $12.50!

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My name is Allison and I teach Piano and woodwind instruments to include Alto Saxophone, the Clarinet, and Flute. I live and teach out of my home in Macon, GA. I have a Bachelors degree in music and I have over 25 years of playing piano and woodwind instruments. During my free time I enjoy singing and playing piano in church as well performing live jazz with my band.

"I believe that Music is a healer. I have seen and experienced how music can help create a positive and safe space for people of many ages and backgrounds and it makes me happy to spread the love of music and its healing qualities."

-Allison L.

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